Mercedes-Benz Repair 1981-1991

300D to 560SEL - W107, W123 and W126 chassis cars

The goals of this site are to help you repair your Mercedes for less than the local mechanic and do it better. Emphasis is placed on a minimum outlay for special tools and on detailed step-by-step illustrations with annotated instructions. Thinking of buying a used car? This site will tell you exactly what to look for and what to avoid. The cars covered are shown here.  Click for some examples.  

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This site was developed as a result of the author's frustration with chat boards and factory manuals which aim to help with repair tasks.

However, this site, unlike chat boards, is not free.  It costs money to produce and maintain and the author seeks to recover some small portion of his costs by charging a very modest annual fee for access.

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Why pay for this when there are many free chat boards that provide advice?  Chat boards do not give you the level of detail or exhaustive illustrated content available only on this board. These boards, in the author's opinion, also have high noise-to-signal ratios, with lots of wrong advice and irrelevant comments passing for humor, none of which helps when you need to fix your car.

Why not just use the factory manuals?  The printed manuals are out of print -  used sets run over $300.  The factory now issues these on CD with some of the worst illustrations imaginable.  Contents of both assume a lot of knowledge on the user's part.  That is not the case with this site.

These are tough economic times. The simple question is whether your time is worth more than the $75-$100/hour that a mechanic will charge you for labor to repair your vehicle - and that's before the 100% mark-up on parts - something you can do better for less yourself?

A comprehensive site index includes a complete listing of articles and can be found by clicking here.  You can see titles and degrees of difficulty but will not be able to see the full pictorial without a subscription. Specific area indexes appear in the drop down menus below.

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So, whether it's a simple oil change or complex tasks like cam chain replacement, evaporator installation or suspension rebuilding, this site is for you.

The author is a graduate mechanical engineer and has been working on Mercedes cars for over 20 years. The author's lifetime mileage in Mercedes cars exceeds 300,000 miles. More about the author.